Travel: 7 Fun Things For Kids To Do In Detroit During The Winter

     There are quite a few lists online of fun things for kids to do “in Detroit”, but over half the lists are comprised of places that aren’t technically in the city of Detroit.

Why is this important?  Number one, if you are a resident of Detroit, you should be more inclined to want to put your money back into the city that you reside in.  Number two, if someone comes to visit Detroit specifically, putting a place that is a two hour drive on the list is unfair to someone that has already spent time and money to travel to the city.  Also, I wasn’t able to find any specifically geared towards Fall/Winter activities and we all know that finding things to do when it’s cold outside can be very difficult.  The Fall and Winter in Detroit are prominent seasons because a majority of the year is under 70 degrees.  In no particular order, here is a list of 7 fun things for kids to do in Detroit when the temperature drops:



Motown Museum-Detroit
Motown Museum-Detroit
The Motown Museum is the original recording studio and residence of Berry Gordy (founder of Motown) and Motown Records.  The Museum is filled with photos and memorabilia from timeless artists that have contributed to everything we know and love about music today.  The kids probably won’t recognize most of the music or artists, but they might recognize samples that are used for music currently on the radio, and it’s good for them to know the history of music.  Click on the photo for specific location and pricing info.  Bring extra cash for the gift shop!
Michigan Science Center-Detroit, MI
Michigan Science Center
Previously known as, “The Detroit Science Center” until 2011, The Michigan Science Center is not somewhere to walk in to kill an hour of time.  There’s so many cool exhibits and hands-on activities, you will want to make this an all day affair.  Weekends can get pretty crowded, although weekdays are only somewhat lighter, as this is a prime spot for elementary school field trips.  Click on the picture for more info on exhibit schedules and admission pricing info.
Charles H. Wright Museum-Detroit, MI
Charles H. Wright Museum
 Right up the street from The Michigan Science Center is, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.  According to Google, Detroit is the number one city in America with the highest African American population.  Therefore, a trip to the African American History museum is vital.  Having knowledge of the history of the general population is beneficial to all races that reside in a city like Detroit.   Click on the picture for more info on exhibit schedules and admission pricing info.
Campus Martius-Detroit, MI
Campus Martius
This is a seasonal open ice skating rink that is open to any and  everyone.  I LOVE that this located in the heart of Downtown Detroit to provide a wonderful “big city” atmosphere and a majestic
backdrop for great pictures with friends and family.  With the rink being downtown, feel free to get some shopping done, grab a bite to eat at one of the many signature restaurants, or get a cocktail for yourself and some hot cocoa for the kids from a local bar in the vicinity.  Click on the picture for rink hours, skate rental info and specific dates of the tree lighting ceremony.
Garden Bowl-The Majestic-Detroit, MI
Garden Bowl
This is one of the few bowling alleys left in the whole city and it is AWESOME!  There’s some great food options, a full bar (for you, not the kids), and an option to have a bowling party as a great Winter baby option.  I do highly recommend going during the day to bowl with kids, as this place can get crowded with adults and concert goers because The Garden Bowl is located inside of an entertainment complex called, The Majestic.  The Garden Bowl is about 5 minutes from midtown/downtown Detroit.  Click on the photo for location info, prices, and hours.
The Fox Theatre-Detroit, MI
The Fox Theatre
The Fox Theatre is one of the top grossing theaters in the country because it hosts some pretty big names.  Despite the massive concerts that are held here that are typically for adults, there’s programs for kids that are held at least once a month.  The Fox Theatre has been home to Sesame Street Live, Radio City Rockettes, Elf the Musical, and many more.  This is a place that’s going to require some planning ahead to purchase advanced tickets and selecting a show that’s specifically for kids.  Some of the shows can be quite pricey, so I do recommend going on Groupon first to see if there are any deals and you can use that extra money for popcorn.  You are able to purchase drinks and snacks.  However, if you’re looking to save a few bucks, toss some juice boxes and cookies in your purse/ diaper bag.  You will need to pay for parking, so be sure to have some extra cash on you.  Click on the picture for location, schedules and ticket info.
Ford Field-Detroit, MI
Ford Field
Ford Field is a multi-purpose state of the art facility for concerts, graduations, and even corporate events.  But it is mostly known for being the home of the Detroit Lions National Football League team.  This is a perfect activity for the Fall/Winter, as this is when football season is active.  This is a great activity for the whole family!  If you’re looking to wear matching jerseys and/or t-shirts, stop at Walmart or Target to purchase vs. buying them at Ford Field, you can pretty much cut the costs in half.  Also be prepared for their super strict bag policy, click on the picture for more details about what is allowed and what isn’t.  Of course, like another other sports stadium, there’s tons of great food and drink options for the whole family.  Click on the picture for more info regarding the bag policy, ticket info, and schedule.

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