Atlanta Life: American Girl Bistro

American Girl stores are all across America, but only a few lucky states have the featured bistro. The American Girl bistros are

restaurants located inside of the retailer that have an American Girl theme that provides the ultimate American Girl experience. If your daughter has even the slightest obsession with the American Girl brand, it’s in your best interest to find the nearest bistro to make her dreams come true.

American Girl Bistro

American Girl Bistro


The American Girl bistro is a restaurant that every little girl dreams of.  They can bring their dolls as guests and let their imaginations play out as if they’re eating with their little best friend.

As a parent, my favorite part of the experience is that if your child doesn’t have an expensive American Girl doll or has left hers at home, like my forgetful child, they will provide one of your child’s choice to use.

American Girl Bistro

What I did find surprising, was that the food was actually pretty good!  They had great food options for the children as well as the parents.

American Girl Bistro

My daughter’s favorite part of the experience was the “Decorate a Cupcake” option on the dessert menu.  We received a cupcake with all of the extras that make a cupcake yummy on the side!  The icing comes ready to pipe and assorted sprinkles are ready for decoration.

American Girl Bistro from Joi Light on Vimeo.


Here’s a few tips I learned that can help you before you go:

  1. Make a reservation by checking out the operational hours of the facility.  Holidays and private functions could affect these hours.
  2. Check your budget.  Some might consider the menu items to be a pit pricey, so you want to be sure you’re prepared financially.  I would say that the food cost was very similar to a TGIF restaurant or a Ruby Tuesday.
  3. Don’t be afraid to tell your waiter/waitress, if you’re celebrating a special occasion. They might have something special up their sleeves for different occasions for your little one.

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