DIY Initial Christmas Wreath for less than $20 and less than 30 minutes to make!

      My favorite part of the holidays is being creative with various crafts and baking!  The total cost of supplies for this project was $19.76 and total time to make it was about 30 minutes.  The best part is I get to use this again for years to come, well unless we need to add an additional initial for a husband.  Wishful Thinking, ha!


 Here’s what I used:

– (1) Bendable Christmas Wreath from ‘At Home’ for $9.99
– Ornaments from ‘Dollar Tree’; each tube was $1
– Wooden initials from ‘Target’ for $1.50/ piece
– Gold faux flowers from ‘Dollar Tree’
– Spray Paint and Hot Glue Gun (already had from previous projects)
-Gold ribbon from ‘Dollar Tree’
 I started by spray painting the wreath with gold spray paint.  I spray paint the letters with white spray paint and leave them off to the side to dry while I apply the ribbon. The easiest way to add the ribbon is by tying a knot at the end of one of the stems of the wreath, then looping it in and out around the entire wreath.
 Once the ribbon is wrapped around the wreath, I begin to hot glue the ornaments and initials onto the wreath.
 I glued the initials first, so that I’m able to decorate AROUND them.  I then begin to add the ornaments to the circumference of the wreath.  Then simply stick the faux flowers into the side of the wreath and hang!


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