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What does “Woman First Then Mom” even mean?
While biologically it makes plenty of sense lol but what’s the deeper meaning? And what’s a good response for someone that says, “well, I’m a mother before anything.”
When you become a mother, your entire world revolves around your kid(s), nothing wrong with that. HOWEVER, the world (your kids) can’t revolve with it’s axis (you). YOU have to put your mental space, energy etc. FIRST as a woman to be strong enough for your children. In other words, if momma ain’t right, then the kids ain’t right.
A major part of breaking generational curses is recognizing toxic behavior and not passing it on to your kids. By putting yourself first, you’re going to therapy, you’re journaling (shameless plug to buy my book lol), you’re practicing self-care. You’re doing whatever it is to make you a stronger woman FIRST, so THEN you can be a better mom. ♥️

Once we become moms, we tend to forget our original identities as women. Women that like to take care of themselves, go out and have a good time or even just sit and have a moment to ourselves without permission or a sitter.


Wearing this shirt is a statement that you’re a woman first THEN a mother.

50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

This is a COMFY fit, a bit oversized but true to size.
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