Major Hair Key Alert For That Awkward Growth Phase!

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Were you browsing through Pinterest or Instagram and saw this amazing haircut that you just had to try?! Or maybe your hair was severely over-processed and you decided to cut it all off and start over?  When you first got your new haircut, you were getting compliments from every which way and you were loving it!  Then you decided to grow it back out, and us as African-American women, it literally grows OUT and not down. Now that you hair is cut, there is no hiding the naps before they turn into elegant coils, your right side is longer then left, and the compliments you were receiving are starting to phase out and turn into side-eyes.  The length of the awkward growth phase differs for everyone and to be very honest, short hair is high maintenance.  So what are you going to do in the meantime?  Wear a wig honey.


Keep calm, wigs are not your grandma’s church wigs anymore.  Wigs are literally sew-in units that you place on your head and over half the time, no one knows the difference.  There are lace wigs, full-lace wigs, lace front wigs, synthetic wigs, etc.  If you wear sew-ins, do not shun wigs!  If you wear sew-ins, ESPECIALLY with a frontal or a lace closure, let me let you in on a little secret, *whispers* you’re wearing a wig.  Wigs are essential pieces!  I want you to start thinking about a wig as that one white dress in your closet that you only wear to that special white party in the summer, or that one black blazer that you use for interviews.  Wigs are so ‘slept on’! Wigs are great options that are no longer worn on only women over 50 or Halloween. You do NOT have to invest hundreds of dollars into a good wig, if you’re not ready to.  Wigs can range anywhere from $20-$5,000.  For the $20 wigs, you can go to your local beauty supply and purchase a synthetic wig.  A great website for cheaper, but quality wigs, is The wig pictured is from , Wig code: CBW08 and for a discount, be sure to use my special code: JOI10.


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