Product Review: Be Kool (fever reducing patches)

Well it’s March 1st and that means that Mother Nature is still trying to make up her mind if it’s still winter or if it’s safe to say, it’s spring.  In the mornings we’re wearing winter coats and in the afternoon, we’re riding bikes with t-shirts on.  So of course, my daughter caught a cold, a bad one.


I usually stick with what I know when it comes to putting on my ‘nurse hat’ , as you know us moms wear many hats!  I stick with Children’s Motrin or Tylenol and a cool bath for the fever, Robitussin and tea with lemon for a cough, and ginger ale for a tummy ache.

While walking down the aisle at Rite Aid to pick up some Children’s Motrin, I saw the “Buy One, Get One Free Sign” first (lol) and picked up a box of these Be Kool Soft Gel Sheets.  Couldn’t hurt to try, after all it’s not a new medicine or anything internal.  I picked up two boxes and gave them a go!  When my daughter said, “oh, mommy this feels good” I knew these were my new go to.  A half hour after placing this on her forehead, I checked her temperature and we were finally breaking ground.  I found them at Rite-Aid, but here’s a link just in case you can’t find them or they are sold out.

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