8 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know The Dollar Store Had!

We all know that the Dollar Store is our go-to for paper products, party supplies, greeting cards, and cheap holiday decor.  We also know that there are variances amongst the dollar store world, imitators if you may,  Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc.  What I love about Dollar Tree is that I know that every item I pick up is TRULY $1 or even less than.  I don’t need to price check anything and I don’t need to worry about if someone put the item on the wrong shelf, to only be fooled when I get to the register and find out it costs much more.  Also, my daughter is still at the age where if I tell her to pick out five things that she wants, she thinks mommy just took her on a shopping spree and we’re rich.
     Today, I found eight items that I considered to be shocking finds at Dollar Tree.  I considered them shocking because I would have went elsewhere without even thinking to try Dollar Tree first.

 1.  Super Cute 2017 Calendar
          When I think of where to purchase calendars, I immediately think of Amazon.com, Target and/or Borders.  Dollar Tree had quite a variety of calendars to choose from.  Puppies, kittens, beaches, motivational quotes, etc.  Calendars make excellent gifts, head to Dollar Tree.
2. Holy Bible
          Even though most people use the bible app nowadays, where would one get a physical old school King James Bible?  Probably a store where they sell books, Target or Borders.  Nope, head to Dollar Tree.
3. Purple Beauty Blender
          Can you believe that Sephora sells these for a whopping $20 a piece?!  Now, you can definitely find these much cheaper on Amazon as well, but they usually come straight from China and take about a month to get to your front door.  Head to Dollar Tree.
4.  Little Mason Jars
         These little jars are great for arts and craft projects and I’ve seen people fill them and use them as wedding favors.  They’re only $2.50 at Target, but if you’re looking to buy them in bulk, head to Dollar Tree.
5.  Vacuum Storage Bags
          When I saw these, I thought about how ten years ago I spent almost $50 on a box of six of these and I wanted to slap myself.  Again, Target is somewhere where I’d typically go for these or Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  Also, I usually see these sold in packs that contain multiple vacuum storage bags.  Dollar Tree is the first time I’ve seen them sold individually.
6.  Tablet Sleeve
          This Dollar Tree had a small technology section that contained ear buds, phone cases (mostly older phones), screen protectors, and get this…tablet sleeves! This one in particular fits tablets up to 10″ and lists on the back of the package tablets that are able to fit.  I will still get a much cuter one from Amazon or Etsy.com but I definitely couldn’t pass up a tablet sleeve for $1.
7.  Microfiber Head Wrap
          Walmart sells these for $5 and Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells them for $10.  Different name brand of course but nevertheless, the same item with the same purpose!  I’ve purchased one of these in the past from TJ Maxx and even though I can’t remember the exact cost, I do know that it wasn’t $1.
8.  Selfie Stick
          I’ve seen these range anywhere from $10 and up.  These are pretty much sold everywhere nowadays, I’ve seen them at Target and even Walgreen’s, but I was pretty shocked to see them at Dollar Tree.  These would be fantastic stocking stuffers for that narcissistic teenager in your family.

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