DIY: Ring Light For Less Than $15

If you are considering creating YouTube videos or social media tutorials, the first piece of recommended equipment is a ‘ring light’.  Ring Lights provide an EVEN amount of light for your background.  They illuminate the subject in focus and give a soft but bright finish to your photos and videos.  These things can really get up there in price!  I have personally seen them range anywhere from $75-300, and honestly I still plan on getting an official one, but this DIY Ring Light will do for now.  Here’s everything you need and all the steps below for creating your very own ring light.


What You Will Need

DIY Ring Light Pieces

*All products purchased at Walmart*

Wire Wreath (got lucky and found this for .50, Christmas Clearance Aisle)


Aluminum Foil

16.4′ White LED string lights

1 pack of cable ties

Cardboard cut out (measure wreath against it)

Optional: Wax Paper to tone down the lighting and tape for it     


  1. Wrap medium sized strips around cardboard cut out until cut out is fully covered
  2. Put foiled cut out to the side.  Take wire wreath, place LED lights around outer circle, and secure with cable ties
  3. Going all the way around will only take up about 1/3 of the string of lights.  Don’t worry, you can just triple up on the inner ring.


4.  Cut excess cable tie strings and place LED wreath on top of foiled cut out

5.  Use more cable ties to secure LED wreath on foiled cut out, cut remaining cable tie sticks.  Be careful as the stubs can hurt!

      Then light your project up!!!! 

DIY Ring Light
Finished Product

Don’t forget to take a selfie!!!

ring light selfie

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