Pinterest is a Liar!

I blame my daughter’s school for this Pinterest disaster.  They have the weirdest “politically correct policies”.  They don’t allow the kids to wear costumes on Halloween, you can’t bring anything that says ‘Merry Christmas’, it has to say ‘ Happy Holidays’, and they don’t celebrate birthdays.  But yet, they’re closed for Christopher Columbus day, the man that stole America.  I try to be understanding about their rules, but c’mon birthdays?  I talked to her teacher about this and she totally agreed.  She said that she allows the kids to bring in treats, as long as they’re in the kid’s backpacks and no one else can see them bringing them in.  So I got to thinking, hmm what 20 things can I make/ buy to put in her backpack as a birthday treat that won’t kill some kid with a peanut allergy?  Eureka!  Cake pops!  The more I looked up the recipe for these, the more I decided I was going to take the easy route and buy them.  Then I saw them, ‘Sprinkled Oreo Pops’.  They looked amazing, every recipe started with “quick and easy”, and some even said “cake pop alternative”.  I looked up a few recipes and none of them had more than 5 steps.  Sounds perfect right?

I went to Michael’s craft store and only spent $11 on supplies, then to Publix and spent $6.  Not a bad deal, so far this is a great plan!  I proceeded to follow the directions, melted the candy melts and set aside 20 Oreo cookies.
      I slid the sticks into the Oreos nice and easy.  Oh yes, this is just like they said it would be, quick and easy.  I stirred the candy melts and even started to take pictures to make my own Pinterest post.  That’s when things started to take a turn for the worst.
     I dipped the Oreos in the bowl and they fell right off of the stick.  So I tried taking the stick out, dipping them first with my finger, and then putting the stick in.  The candy started to harden and soon I wasn’t sure if this was melted candy or nail polish.  This was turning into a mess and by the third one, I was completely over it.  My daughter was too, and she only had the one job of putting on the sprinkles!  Nevertheless, I made 20 of these ugly things and the whole time I kept thinking about how I should have just bought cake pops.  Perhaps this was payback for trying to break the rules, but what I have come to conclusion of is that, Pinterest is a liar!

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