Blogalicious 9 Wrap Up: 3 Things That Contributed To Its Success

Being the social media ambassador vs. an attendee for Blogalicious 9 this year definitely provided insight and a different perspective on the conference.  The difference is…

stage design-West Elm
Set design from @westelm

realizing all the work that goes into the conference and what actually makes it successful. In the picture above, an average attendee would just see a nice setup as they await for the conference to start.  As a social media ambassador, I see a sponsor that is responsible for the amazing design that deserves a pic, a tweet, and an Instagram post.  I see adjectives, I see hashtags, and I see a theme that deserves public recognition. This is just a small contribution to the success and is a true reflection of how much thought goes into making the conference a success.  Here are 3 MAJOR things that contributed to the success of Blogalicious 9:

1) The Awesome Sponsors

Jack Daniels

The sponsors provide connections that no one typically makes outside of networking events.  You’re able to converse with people in charge of marketing the products, a chance to see unreleased products, and what’s most valuable, a chance to work with the brands.  The sponsors do a phenomenal job of providing more than just physical products but an experience.  For example, Hanes offered bra fittings with a sample of their new bras and Jack Daniels, well, they had lots of Jack and who doesn’t like Jack?

Change the Cycle

2) The Agenda

Negotiate Like A Boss
Blogalicous-blogging conference
Blogalicous-blogging conference
Myleik Teele

Tees In the trap

The agenda a.k.a all of the knowledge you soak up.  There are a variety of workshops and spotlight sessions set up during the conference to gain insight on how to market yourself, branding, monetizing, and much more.  The spotlight sessions gives the attendees a chance to listen to tips and tricks used by icons of various industries.  They also have a brief question and answer segment where the attendees can ask whatever their heart desires to gain personal insight on what speaks to them.

3) The Attendees

When an artist gets on stage to receive their award, they typically thank the fans because well, they wouldn’t be anything without them.  And although this sounds cliché, it is very true and the same applies to the Blogalicious conference.  It is the attendees that makes the conference great because everyone brings something different to the table.  But they all one common goal in mind, to leave better than they came.

Blogalicious might be over, but the knowledge, the friendships, and the vibes continue to grow and continuously gives the ability for bloggers to #tribeup.

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