DIY: Enchanting Shower

Hey guys! Feels good to finally post something other than a recipe in a while. This enchanting shower look got a lot of love on social, but I wanted to be sure to post it on the blog for anyone that wants to refer to it later.

Want the look below?

Looks kind of complicated, but I promise it isn’t!

What you’ll need:

2 Bundles of eucalyptus ( I purchased mine from @liberatebotanica)

Faux flowers (bought these 3 years ago from Dollar Tree

One string of wire lights , these waterproof ones in particular

Step 1:Hang wire lights behind shower head

Step 2: Wrap eucalyptus bundles around shower head (once with large rubber band)

Step 3: Wrap wire lights around eucalyptus while avoiding anywhere the water might project out of shower head

Step 4: Enjoy!

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