My Apartment Balcony Makeover

I made a post on Instagram about my balcony makeover and I wanted to be sure that I share with you all on the blog just in case you missed it. I’m also going to share some details on where you can purchase certain items.

My balcony is rather large for an apartment so I believe that this would look amazing on a patio as well.

Here is the before pic :

Here is the after pic:

Items that people have inquired about

  • The swinging egg chair : I was actually driving down I-85 when this chair caught my eye. There was a series of somewhat low-budget, no fancy named furniture stores along side the freeway. One store just happened to have this sitting out front and it was the last one. So I did some digging for my readers and found the exact chair. This chair itself is 44” tall by 35” wide is super comfy and holds up to 250 lbs. It does come with the stand and blue cushions. Link to purchase below this picture.

  • The two chairs with small table: These chairs are actually super wide and don’t get hot to the touch when it gets hot outside. That was one thing that I was afraid of when I purchased, would they be too hot to sit on? Now, while it hasn’t gotten up to Georgia’s standard 100 degree weather, we have had a few hot days and they’ve been fine. I can always purchase some cushions later if need be. For now? I’m good! I purchased the set on Wayfair, click here.

The fake grass: So the grass actually isn’t a rug nor did it come pre-cut. I measured out exactly how much I wanted and took my measurements to Home Depot. Not every Home Depot carries this, so I would call first. If they do have it, it’s in the carpet department and comes on a large roll like the pic below. I went this route because my patio is large and somewhat of an odd size. I’m going to include a like to an Amazon item that would be similar, not the same, but similar to this look.

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