Organizing My New Kitchen

I bet you’re wondering why I haven’t put anything new up on the blog lately? Surprise! I bought my first home. However, nine times out of ten you follow me on social and know this already ha!

My house pretty much came move-in ready, so most of my “projects” are voluntary, based on my obsession with Pinterest lol. Yesterday, I posted some items to my story that I installed to help out with organization in the kitchen.

Under the cabinet racks

These were a SUPER cute way to show off my wine and cocktail glasses while entertaining. The glasses with the rose colored glass are from Anthropologie and the others I believe are from Target, I’ve had those for quite some time. Click here to purchase racks!

Acrylic Knife Block

While this isn’t necessarily a need for organizing, they’re super cute and a ton of your inquired about where I purchased them from. Here’s a tip before purchasing these because they sell out often: If the item is sold out, add it to your cart anyways and check every other day to see if they have become available. This item ships directly from the U.K. so it can take about a week and a half to get to you, which isn’t bad, it’s just long compared to other items on Amazon Prime. To purchase, click here.

Spice Grippers

Anyone else find it super difficult to store their spices in a cabinet and keep them organized? Like putting them all in the cabinet is super annoying when you’re cooking and have to pull them all out in order to read the labels and see which ones are which UGH! That’s why I put these spice grippers on my housewarming registry because I need to be able to see the spices without digging through the cabinet. For the link to purchase, click here.

I can’t wait to continue to update you all with all of my future projects!!

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