Quick Porch Refresh

Let me tell you how God works…if it wasn’t for me spilling the wood stain all over my porch, I would’ve never been inspired to refresh my porch with a coat of paint. Ha!

Here’s what I did for this little project:

  1. Removed all large items from porch. I used a leaf blower to remove small items vs. sweeping.
  2. I taped off all areas that I didn’t want to have the concrete paint on it. I used blue painters tape for this.
  3. I painted the corners and edges first with a small paintbrush.
  4. I used a roller for smooth and even strokes.
  5. I saved the area near the door for last so that I could properly exit the area without walking back over the wet paint.
  6. Not sure if this dried fast because it was outside or if concrete absorbs paint faster, but this was dry in about an hour and a half.

See the paint that I used in ‘Slate Grey’ in the picture below.

My porch is 19.6 ft. x 5.6 ft. and I used about 80% of the gallon. Unfortunately, if you have a small porch, this paint only comes in a gallon, so you will have to buy the entire thing.

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