One year in Atlanta down, how many more to go?

I am convinced that most of Atlanta is seen from the inside of your vehicle.  I heard the traffic was bad prior to, but I was not prepared.  According to Google,the definition of ‘traffic’ is vehicles moving on a road or public highway.  I’m wondering how much emphasis is supposed to be put on ‘moving’, because when I get on 285, my Waze app seems to think that 5 miles equals 45 minutes.  Each freeway, or “highway” as they call them down here, is pretty much a parking lot where the whole city is attending the same concert at 7am.  Perhaps the President has a condo in Buckhead that I’m not aware of and his security detail holds up traffic at 3pm.  Or perhaps, there are warnings of an alien invasion and everyone is trying to escape all at that the same time, this time is usually 5pm.  I say this to say, traffic is unpredictable in regards to a specific time, but yet predictable that it will always be there.  If you gain anything from this article about your future transition to Atlanta, you MUST reside in the same area that you work in.  The traffic is the part that contributed to the latter half of this title.

Now for the first half of the title.  This is an amazing place to raise children, network in any field, explore the rarities of the combination of city and country life, and possibly become the next reality star that everyone loves to hate.  Coming from a city with deplorable housing and road conditions, an inadequate school system, and a crime rate that is comparable to Iraq, one could say I am slightly bias.  However, being well-traveled and this not being the first state I’ve transitioned to, I am STILL impressed.  Our first year here was dedicated to finding our garden and planting our seeds.  This year, I am beyond EAGER to see what grows.


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