Travel: Where To Stay In Chicago!

I have stayed in some nice hotels and some not-so nice hotels.  Calling the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile hotel “nice”, would be an understatement.  The first favoring quality is, the location of the hotel.  This gratifying hotel is located in the heart of downtown, 20 East Chestnut St – Downtown, Chicago, IL 60611, and within walking distance to shopping on Michigan Ave.


Upon entering the hotel, you’re greeted by attentive doormen, a trendy lobby, and a receptive front desk staff.


Keep in mind, you haven’t even gotten to the best part of your stay.  Let me also point out, that I have been to plenty of hotels that have amazing lobbies and exteriors, to only let you down when you get to your room and have you questioning if it’s the same facility that you walked into 5 minutes ago.

The rooms in The Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile are bright, colorful, and plush!  My room was on the East side of the building on the 29th floor.


I was actually somewhat reluctant to stay at this facility because they didn’t have bathroom pics on their website and that worried me.  Luckily, the bathrooms matched the ambiance of the room and were notably impressive.

                    My favorite part of the stay was THE BEDS! I felt like I was literally sleeping on clouds.  The beds are so comfortable, you forget about exploring the city.  You might just want to book an additional night just to stay in, get room service, and enjoy the room.

This hotel is what a place away from home should be.  Whether you live in town or nearby, just need a weekend getaway, or you’re visiting Chicago on business, this hotel is highly recommended!

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