You Are More Than Just a Parent!

I truly believe that the word ‘parent’ is very misleading, as so many duties can not put into one very boring word. We deserve something more spectacular or something with more oomph.  I personally would have preferred “superhuman procreator”.  We got robbed folks.  Being a parent means being a nurse and you didn’t go to nursing school or being a teacher and you suck at math.  Can you imagine if we wrote a resume based around our duties as a parent?  Not only would we be hired but probably be named the company’s CEO, because who’s more qualified than a doctor/engineer/legal aide?   Here is a list of  30 job titles that you might want to consider when revising your resume or when someone underestimates the title of ‘parent’:

  1. Nurse
  2. Doctor
  3. Teacher
  4. Psychologist
  5. Psychiatrist
  6. Chef
  7. Coach
  8. Security Guard
  9. Beauty Consultant
  10. Engineer (these toys get harder & harder to put together, I swear)
  11. Uber Driver
  12. Chaperone
  13. Artist
  14. Scientist
  15. Hairdresser
  16. Manicurist
  17. Travel Agent
  18. Accountant
  19. Fund Raiser
  20. Loan Officer
  21. Dentist
  22. Dietitian
  23. Legal Aide
  24. Social Media Manager
  25. Plumber
  26. Photographer
  27. Waiter/Waitress
  28. Detective
  29. Receptionist
  30. Translator


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