4 New Side Hustles For Moms

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Speaking of social, if you already follow me, then you know that I am the queen of side hustles in addition to having a full-time job and being a primary parent. The great thing about these side hustles is that you could do them full-time as well, if you had to.

In this article, you will find the pros and cons of each one, if a sitter is required, expected payout and how to sign up. This topic is in high-demand on my social sites, so I hope you throughly enjoy it and share it with your friends! If you’re wondering what makes me the expert on these…I have done 90% of the ones on this list.



Moms, this is one side-hustle that I have vowed to never bring my daughter on. While ride share services are not as dangerous as people think, this one is an extreme risk to bring your child on. A stranger sitting in your backseat while you drive is totally different than them sitting back there with your kid. Another tip for this one, google ‘uber’ and/or ‘Lyft’ before signing up. With target marketing and geofencing, these companies can see that you have searched for them and I guarantee within a few days, you’ll receive some sort of spam email or advertisement while surfing the internet offering you a bonus to sign up.

If you would like to pay it forward, my referral codes for these are:

Uber: JOI284UE 

Lyft: JOI458804


  • You can cash out your earnings the day of of vs. waiting on a specific payday via direct deposit.
  • It’s a great way to meet new people, take a break from your kid and actually talk to adults.
  • The fuel rewards programs with various gas stations.
  • If you don’t have a car, they have rental options.
  • Uber offers special discounts on phone plans and car maintenance purchases.
  • You can obtain VISA debit cards through them if you don’t have one with a bank.
  • The approval process only takes a few days and no interview is required.
  • If you don’t have a sitter, here’s what I do. Give a ride after I drop my kid off at school, before work. Give a ride after work before picking her up from school. There’s a feature on the app where you can enter a specific route to only pick up people going the same way that you are to avoid going out of your way.


  • You will need a sitter.
  • You don’t know your destination until you pick up the passenger(s).
  • Sometimes the gas is not worth the drive, take advantage of promos.
  • They don’t approve older vehicles.
  • It can take a toll on older vehicles.
  • It’s not a good idea if you’re leasing a vehicle.

Expected payout: This totally depends on what city you live in, how many drives you do, how far each one is and promotions in the area. I’ve made anywhere from $15-$150 in one day/night after just a few hours.


Shipt is an app based grocery delivery service and it is awesome! Now, their policy is that you are to bring no one with you, this includes friends and children. Taking this risk is totally up to you. What you want to consider though: you will have to leave them in the car while taking someone’s groceries to their door, a customer could report you (especially if you mess up their order lol) or a fellow Shipt shopper could report you (google the word, hater). I truly enjoy Shipt because I have to go to the grocery store anyways and the tips are usually good. I like Shipt so much that I made a YouTube video about it. Check it out below.

If you would like to pay it forward, my referral codes for Shipt are:

Shopper: 94401

Customer: D170C1


  • The ability to receive tips and large promotions on specific orders (see video).
  • You can take your kid, at your own risk!
  • Free membership when you want to order your own Shipt deliveries.
  • Get paid for going to the grocery store, you need to go anyways.
  • More than likely, you know where all of the items are located in the grocery store.
  • You can take multiple orders at one time to make more money.
  • Delivering to rich people and seeing their HGTV type homes—this is actually pretty inspiring.
  • Pay out is weekly with direct deposit.
  • Great Facebook support groups, if you have any questions.
  • If you go visit family/on vacation, the app makes it extremely easy to switch to that state and do Shipt there.
  • Great exercise!
  • The ability to map out how far a shop is from your house or wherever you are.
  • Unlike Instacart, you do NOT have to lock yourself into a schedule, you can accept shops at your leisure.
  • Customer service typically answers right away if you run into any issues.
  • If a customer isn’t home for whatever reason and you have to return the groceries, the store will usually let you keep what they can’t take back (refrigerated items). However, customers not being home to receive their order is rare, so don’t bank on free stuff.


  • You will possibly need a sitter.
  • Shipt is not offered in every state.
  • They make it difficult to refer other shoppers. It’s not always on the application, sometimes you have to call and give it to them (hint, hint at my promo code 94401).
  • People will rate you low for the dumbest things and Shipt will make you take an improvement class or remove you from the program.
  • Don’t go hungry, you will want to eat everything you see.
  • You’re expected to deliver within a certain window and sometimes when people add things to the list while you’re shopping, you can’t find an item, communicating with the customer, or run into traffic, it can put you into a VERY tight time crunch. Late deliveries will lowers stats and could ultimately get you removed from the program.
  • Customer can be very frustrating when trying to find substitutes for them or just communication in general.
  • It involves driving, so it can take a toll on older cars.
  • There is an interview for Shipt and you might not be hired.

Expected payout: This depends on how many orders you deliver, tips and promotions added to orders.  I’ve made anywhere from an extra $250-$1500/month.

Amazon Flex

I just did my first Amazon Flex batch yesterday and loved it! The payout is one of the highest and you could easily do this full-time. Most importantly, this one is perfect if you would like to bring your kid with you. While Amazon advises you not to bring anyone or pets with you, there is no strict policy against it. As a matter of fact, they tell you what to do if you have to bring someone or a pet with you. The policy basically boils down to not letting them walk around the warehouse and interacting with customers.


  • You don’t need a sitter.
  • GREAT exercise, bring water.
  • Very helpful staff at the warehouses.
  • The app is extremely user-friendly.
  • Customer service is helpful if you need to reach out while delivering.
  • The navigation system they use is good.
  • Payout is twice a week via direct deposit.
  • For Prime Now, AmazonFresh, Store and Restaurant deliveries, the customer can choose to tip. Amazon will pass to you 100% of tips you earn while delivering with Amazon Flex.
  • The batch of packages will all be in the same area.


  • You don’t know the area that you’re delivering to until you pick up the batch of packages from the warehouse.
  • The warehouses might not be close to your home.
  • There is an extremely long waiting list to be accepted into this program.
  • While exercise is great, these packages can be VERY heavy so be careful.
  • Can take a toll on older cars.
  • Stray dogs (you’re basically the post man lol)
  • Bar codes on slightly beat up packages makes it very difficult to scan and will slow you down.
  • Did I mention stray dogs?
  • Your first time is completely overwhelming. Below are some pics to give you an idea of what Amazon flex will look like on your first attempt.
Amazon Flex
When you first arrive, there is a long line of other drivers with no signage.
Amazon Flex
Then you will pull into the warehouse VERY slowly to pick up your packages.

Granted, Amazon does require you to watch videos on what to expect, but watching something in animation is totally different than seeing the real thing.

However, after leaving the warehouse for the first time, you’ll be just fine. The app is amazing because it goes step by step with you.

Expected payout: I accepted a three hour block on my first go. I have only seen three and four hour blocks. I completed my three hour block in two and the delivery area was about 35 min. from my home. Within that two hours, I dropped off 14 packages and made $75. Fourteen packages sounds like a lot, but these were all within a seven mile radius from each other. That’s about $38/ per hour.

Bird Chargers

Have you guys seen the new motorized scooters zooming around? If you live in a large city, then chances are you have. Well, guess what? They pay people to take them home and charge them.

Bird Scooter
Pic of bird scooter from @bird

While this picture looks great, here’s what the bird charger life really looks like.

Bird charger
Pic from Domonique Abner’s Facebook page (@kind_dna).

This is one side hustle that I haven’t tried personally, but I have signed up and completed the training. Waiting on chargers, any day now. Here are some pro’s and con’s based on the bird training that I’ve taken through their app and my friend Domonique’s feedback.


  • You don’t need a sitter.
  • Doesn’t require a ton of driving around or communication skills.
  • “Quick, easy money.”
  • “Payout is immediate via direct deposit.”
  • Great exercise.
  • “No difference detected in electricity bill.”


  • “If you don’t drop the birds back off, after charging, between 4-7 a.m., your pay goes down.”
  • You need a vehicle.
  • “They weigh about 20-30 lbs. each., newer models will be lighter.”
  • The approval timeframe can be slow.
  • Can dirty up your car.

Expected payout: Bird payouts vary quite a bit. This is based on how many you charge at a time and how much charging is required per bird. My friend Domonique has made a range of $30-$73 in one night from charging birds at home.

Bonus side hustle:

It Works

It works is a great way to earn extra cash by selling nutritional and beauty products. You don’t even have to leave the house! I personally love this one because you get to use their awesome products and basically get paid to spread the word about it.

If you’re interested in being on my team, just send me an email : itsjoitomyworld@gmail.com

So, there are tons of other side hustles that us moms can do in addition to these. However, I highlighted  these new side hustles because they pay out really well, include some great benefits and have the potential to become full-time jobs.

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