Winter Mimosas

While you can certainly drink these anytime of the year, I call this a ‘winter mimosa’ because it includes apple cider and I can’t think of any other time that apple cider is consumed other than when the temperature drops.

This recipe is fairly simple but I add a cool twist to it with these mint ice cube spheres. Click here to purchase the ice cube molds.

Mint leaves inserted into ice spheres


What you’ll need:

Crab-apple juice

Apple cider


Mint Leaves

Apple for garnish


Cinilla sugar



  1. Prepare your ice molds with mint leaves inside
  2. Add crushed ice to shaker
  3. Pour about a cup of apple cider and a cup cranberry-apple juice into shaker with crushed ice (I’m saying about because it depends on the size of your shaker. Just know that it’s a 50/50 mix)
  4. Shake it up
  5. Line your glass with lime (go around the rim with the lime so the cinilla sugar mix sticks)
  6. Add cinilla sugar mix to a bowl
  7. Turn your glass upside and roll it around the cinalla sugar mix so that it’s sticking to the rim of the glass
  8. Add ice with mint into glass
  9. Pour your cider and cranberry-apple juice from shaker over ice sphere
  10. Fill the rest of your glass with Prosecco
  11. Add apple slices to glass to make it look fancy
  12. Drink and be responsible


Be sure to check out my Instagram reels so watch how I made this!


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